Conference Testimonial

This was my first conference attended. I joined Elite Meet to help extend the network for guys transitioning and looking for new opportunities. I was already in an Accounting position with an Entertainment Business Management firm.  At the Elite Meet conference I was fortunate enough to meet and talk to multiple representatives from different industries. The conference expanded not only my network but my desire to try new industries. I will be moving into a new role as a Business Development Executive and Consultant for Gartner, the world’s leading strategic Research and Advisory firm.

Ian S.  – US Navy SEAL

Conference Testimonial

“I spent the last two years of my military career listening to advice, reading articles, and attending training that referred to my military/civilian transition as a hardship- How veterans should lower our compensation expectations and look for easy career moves.
Elite Meet helped me call Bullshit.  Last November I attended an EM Conference in San Francisco that helped me translate my career and refine my story.  After two days of lectures, coaching and happy hours, I had practiced my pitch a few hundred times and zeroed in on the career track I wanted.  I interviewed with three of the companies I met through the event and I received job offers from all three . Today I run business operations for a robotics company that I met through one of the event’s keynote speakers; I couldn’t be happier. “

Zach Marshall

Conference Testimonial

“Attending EM Atlanta was a huge value add to my transition. From hearing stories of success (and failure) from fellow veterans who have traveled this path before, to actionable insights and motivation from an amazing lineup of experts, to invaluable networking opportunities that are still leading to new connections 6 weeks after the event, I am truly thankful and humbled that I was able to be part of team. If you’re on the fence about attending an event, commit and invest. You’ll thank yourself later!”

Ryan Castonia, Air Force, Combat Rescue Officer